Make Your Own Water Globes Sweet Treats

Creativity For Kids

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Creativity for Kids Make Your Own Water Globes Sweet Treats is a fun, creative craft for girls and boys to complete! Making a dessert themed snow globe is easy with the bright colored clay (neon pink, neon yellow, neon violet, bright blue, and white), sparkly glitter and sweet figurines (a birthday cake, milkshake and an ice cream cone) provided. Use your creativity to make your water globes look how you want or use ideas provided on the step by step instructions. After you have finished your globes they will measure 2 7/8” w x 3 5/8” h x 2 3/4” d. Sweet treat snow globes are great for a small group with enough materials to make 3 Water Globes Sweet Treats! This makes them great for entertaining a sleepover or small party! This craft activity kit comes with non-drying modeling clay, 3 water globes, 3 plastic trays, 3 figurines, 3 stickers, clay tools, 2 different kinds of glitter, 3 extra stoppers, and step by step instructions. The Make Your Own Water Globes Sweet Treats is loved by both parents and children because it is tactile and fun! Learn beneficial skills with craft kits by Creativity for Kids. Working with clay is a great way to promote creativity and fine motor skill development. The repetitive motions of clay play provide both a calming and enjoyable experience for girls and boys of all ages. Have fun while building creative confidence with arts and crafts thoughtfully designed by Creativity for Kids! This craft activity allows for imagination and creativity to take the lead. Since 1976, Creativity for Kids has created innovative craft experiences designed to stimulate and encourage natural creativity. Sweet Treats snow globes feature non-toxic arts and crafts materials that are recommended for girls and boys, ages 6 to 96.