Gymotion Lay to Sit Up Play


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Easy transition from a play gym to a soft, secure and supportive seat for upright sitting and playing. With more than 20 developmental activities and plenty of toys to move around. A motion activated musical plane and large double sided tummy time pillow with loops for easy toy attachment. A large baby safe mirror for hanging on arch or standing on mat and royal teething rattle. An easy to grasp dog rattle with colorful sliding beads. Easily folds for convenient storage or travel. Stage 1: Lay & Play. Promotes eye focus & depth perception. Promoted hand-eye coordination and sensory development. Stage 2: Tummy & Play. Promotes repeated head lifting, strengthens shoulders, chest and upper body. Develops gross motor skills. Stage 3: Sit-Up & Play. Allows babies who are just beginning to sit to engage with the world from an upright sitting position promoting interaction and social skills. Promotes interaction with the surroundings. Teaches cause and effect, develops fine motor skills and encourages curiosity.