Wonder Woman: Origins of Power


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A powerful tribe of warriors have lived in peace for centuries on the tranquil island of Themyscira. That peace is shattered when their enemies invade. Now it’s up to you to defend your home! In this cooperative game, you’ll strategize together, face your foes on the battlefield, and rise to meet the challenge of the s! Fully cooperative strategy game set on the island of Themyscira. Fight against one of three classic Wonder Woman enemies (Ares, Circe, or The Cheetah), each with their own unique game play. High quality, easy-to-understand instructions make it easy to start playing right away. Great replay value: 45-60 minute play time, for 2-5 players, Challenge of the s innovative game play is easy-to-learn with varying levels of difficulty. With 3 different enemies to choose from, each game requires different strategies and tactics which creates a different experience every time you play.

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