Code Series 1: On the Brink

Think Fun

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On the brink is the first in a series of games designed to build the mental skills needed to fully grasp the concept of coding. All of the games are screen-free for a unique, unplugged play experience. Each of the 40 on the brink challenges contains a map of colored squares. Each color has pre-program moves for your robot to perform. Use your problem-solving skills to determine the moves that will successfully get your robot from start to finish. On the brink is a fun and challenging step up from more simple sequencing games like robot turtles. Suitable for ages 8 years and up. For over 30 years, thinkfun has been dedicated to creating games that spark curiosity, cultivate confidence, and nurture life-long learners. Its games encourage interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (stem), while generating excitement for a world of learning through play. Innovation, creativity, value, and fun are the four elements that comprise the development of every game.

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