Summer Green Elf House

Summer Green Elf House


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On a gentle hill, on a vast clearing in the elf forest lies Summergreen House. Rich green meadows spread out at the foot of the house. A long time ago, the best builders of the elf people created this meeting place and royal residence of all the summer elves from a giant oak tree. They charmed the tree with their singing until it gradually bent its trunk and cast off branches and leaves in such a way that it eventually formed the majestic elf house. The foot of the tree trunk is surrounded by an ample semi-circle where the lovely horses graze, very close to their masters. A stone arch beset with magical ornaments protects the elves who walk before all evil in the galleries of the elf palace. From atop the highest leaf, Princess Eleya joyfully gazes out over her country while her friends on horseback gallop across the meadows. The absolute favourite place of all elf girls is however the tree swing which gently sways in the wind. Sera often sits here in the evening hours, her dreams drifting into the distance. All of the Schleich figurines are meticulously hand-painted and equipped with the Schleich tag bearing the red S, symbol for highest quality and compliancy with all relevant safety regulations.

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