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An evolutionary game to understand the chronology of the day. The understanding of the time that passes and the reading of the time are fundamental achievements that help the child to understand the functioning of the world. Thanks to the game of The Hour, child is invited to acquire these notions while having fun! Through several evolutionary game modes, the child has fun associating a series of pictograms and clocks with small illustrated scenes, before reconstructing the chronology. Thanks to the self-correcting puzzle pieces and the big "morning", "afternoon" and "evening" boards, he goes into the game at his own pace and can check his answers himself. At each stage, he plays to turn the hands of the big clock and learns little by little to decipher the time .. This game thus promotes the understanding of the notion of time, learning to read the analog time, digital and literal and reasoning ability .. From 5 years. Contents: 3 boards, 30 puzzle cards, 1 clock with hands and tripod, 1 manual. THIS IS THE FRENCH VERSION/ VERSION FRANCAISE

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