Asterix: Hut of Vitalstatistix


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Long live the chief! Vitalstatistix is the chief of the tribe. A majestic, brave and hot-tempered old warrior, respected by his men, feared by his enemies. Vitalstatistix himself has only one fear, he is afraid the sky may fall on his head tomorrow! With his wife Impedimenta, Vitalstatistix lives in the chief's hut. In it there is the chief's seat with a ladder, a cooking place and a knitting corner. When he leaves the house, Vitalstatistix is carried on his shield by two shield bearers. The PLAYMOBIL set includes Chief Vitalstatistix and his wife Impedimenta, two shield bearers, Vitalstatistix's hut with removable roof and chief's seat as well as a cooking area, pots, broom, basket and other household items. Vitalstatistix can be carried on the shield by the two shield bearers.

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