Create Your Own Pop-Up Book

Creativity for Kids

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Bring your stories to life with the Create Your Own Pop-Up Book!This craft set is for ages 5 and up and includes 2 12-page hardcover pop-up books (one large and one small), 2 sticker sheets, 8 markers, googly eyes and pop-up designs. Kids will create drawings, add photographs, and most important, their own imagination! The illustrated instructions include some starter stories and step-by-step pop-up ideas. Create Your Own Pop-Up Books was announced as the 2009 Toy of the Year by the Toy Industry Association on February 15th, 2009.Creativity for Kids is a company dedicated to creating open-ended creative activities to inspire children. Each set always contains ALL the tools needed for a constructive experience that will stimulate and encourage children's natural creativity. Creativity for Kids test the individual components in their products, many of which are used across multiple kits, to ensure that they meet or exceed all US safety standards including those for lead, phthalates and magnets.